Wednesday, July 25, 2018

She Sells Seashells

Alpha Stamps Vacation Memories Kit!

Thanks to a crazed migraine that chose to come and go, there aren't any real techniques that I used for the Exploding Box (except to cut and paste). What I can tell you though is what to do/not to do tips for it:

- To get the corners of the lid to stay while drying - clothespins work great.

- Be sure to ink or paint the outer edges of the box lid and leaves BEFORE you glue everything down. Otherwise you will end up saying very bad words trying to get everything colored on the edges in-between the papers. (Verryy bad words.)

- Gently work the lid down over the leaves. Or you'll end up busting the seams and then trying to get them back to stay together is a pain in the arse. (Bad words will come-a-rollin out of your mouth again.)

- Go outside of your comfort zone and instead of inking everything with black like I did, try a different color that maybe isn't so stark against the pale papers.

- Aahh, before you put the leaves together and add the top you may want to make sure that the Stickles are dry. (By this time you'll be certifiable sailor mouth.) Hit the leaves with the heat gun just to make sure everything is dry.

- Be a maximalist, not a minimalist. More is definitely better with the Explosion Box. Now that it's finished I can see a lot of different elements that I could have used that would have added to the main scene in the middle of box. 

I really should have checked out the Alpha Stamps Clearance Site for ideas of other items that could have been used, especially in the Miniatures section! Being the enabler that I am, I'll share the links,  you can get to the main clearance page here, or click here for the Miniatures on clearance. Everything at the old Alpha Stamps website is 50% off!

The larger leaves of the box:

Oh dear, I think someone had a little bit too much to drink! 
If this wasn't the bottom layer, I think I'd have a small booze bottle slipping out of her hand.

My messy obsession with inking everything black shows here on her leg. 

C'mon in! The water is fine ;)

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  1. I love your exploding box! The lounging beauty with the parasol is simply divine, as are all the ladies emerging from the shells. Excellent work!!!


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