Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Black Cats & Acrobats, Abracadabra and Bella's Pumpkin Patch

Looks like loads of silliness going on here 
this Halloween, doesn't it?

The Annual Halloween Party peeps waiting 
to pop out from behind the house!

Looks like everyone is here, 
time to get this party started! 

For a list of supplies, click here!

Bella's Pumpkin Patch

Haggy McHag Face races over the pumpkin patch to meet up with her Bitchypooh sisters on Halloween night!

 This piece was really hard to photograph. The Stickles on the outside of the pumpkin patch actually looks really cool but here just looks meh. 

Dabs of Rose Gold Stickles become pumpkins and the Fall Mix Foliage are the treetops. 

Here you can see a bit more of the dimension, and that Haggy is actually hanging from the top of the box. I used one of the Mini Pin Stands to get her to hang by gluing one on the back of her hat, upside down. The larger part is then glued to the ceiling of the box. The Mini Pin Stands are a great product to have if you like to work with miniatures, they have a multitude of uses.


Uh-oh...looks like someone needs to brush up on their magic skills a bit!

 Here's the magician's assistant, turned into a tiny gray mouse...

Looks like the clown is just taking it all in stride that he's going to have to get himself together. Here's to hoping everything ends up where it's supposed to be!

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