Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Moroccan Nights

Moroccan Nights

This month at Alpha Stamps the kit is called Moroccan Doorways, rich colors and lots of pattern to play with!

Leslie designed 3 new frames; they are tall enough to be used with the doors on that paper, but they also work as ATC frames. One of them is included in this kit (the Moroccan Frame), plus the front facade from the House Shaped ATC Frame Set, and one of the Onion Dome Toppers. (I chose the Moonshine Frame for Moroccan Nights shown on the right, because...the moon!)
To make the front facade, I used the Curtains Die-Cut Chipboard Set with the Valance Chipboard for the left, right and bottom part after painting them. Once the valance was glued to the curtains, the frame was glued down to the painted House ATC Frame Niche (without the Onion Dome Topper).
 Hot-glue 2 tulle strips on each side of the chipboard curtains, then glue the Onion Topper on top. You'll want to hide the hot-glue mess you made gluing down the tulle.

Sort of bunch up the tulle at the top, and then hot-glue it down in place so that the top part of the curtains have a poof. I used a pair of bail making pliers to bend the Verdigris Bronze Diamond Filigree edges so they'd fit right, then topped it off with the heart charm. Trim off excess length of tulle curtains as needed.
Once that was finished, the Stained Glass Border was painted, dried and then glued on across the Onion Topper. Mercury Glass Stickles edges the topper shape as well as the border.

You're wondering how everything was connected together?

Well that's easy. Hinge tape and hot-glue!
ONLY the House Shaped ATC Frame Set uses hinge tape. The front facade is just the frame I built, and a House ATC Frame Niche. The front facade is not hinged to anything, it is glued down to the solid piece from the House Shaped ATC Frame Set. See photos:

-Wait until you are completely finished with the House Shaped ATC Frame Set and Niche BEFORE you glue down the facade. 

-Glue ribbon down for tie before gluing the facade down as well. (You will need a tie if adding any sort of panels or embellishments.)
 -Don't worry about having enough of the Quatrafoil panel to completely cover the front of the House ATC Frame. It won't matter since the facade will cover most of it. (You will need more than one though to complete this project.)

You might remember the Folding Screen Fretwork Insert from my last project, The Mirror Cracked. I think it worked out pretty well as her bustier! Speaking of that project, I need to get a move on and finish up another room!
Absolutely loving the Large Moorish Bronze Window Filigree that was the perfect size to fold into the niche. Made for a great background, don't you think?
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