Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Holidays May Almost Be Over...

Just a quick post for the last two projects of the year for Alpha Stamps!

The holidays may be coming to an end but even after the 12 Days of Christmas is over, I really don't like having to take everything down. Sort of a let down, like the realization of "Oh damn. Everyone will go back to acting like bloody arses now that the holidays are over." I know you know what I'm talking about, so it's kind of nice to just have a reminder of the season still out without it being too Christmas-y. After all, it is barely winter so there's still a lot of season to celebrate!

By the way, regardless of the season our house is a bloody-arse-free-zone, except for the dogs and of course, That Damn Satan Cat.

Puppy Eyes Mini Shadowbox

If you know me, you know that I am a complete sucker for animals, so when I saw the new Holiday Animals Collage Sheet I knew I'd be using a couple of the images in the Mini Shadowboxes I'd be working with.

The first Mini Shadowbox is 3"x4.5" and uses the Notched Corners Lid.  (Although you can't see the notched corners with all of theMini Holly Leaf Garland on it.)

I know that I don't have to tell you how to cut and paste the paper onto the lid and box, but if you'd like to know how I made the Mini Holly Leaf  Garland fit in under the puppy's paws, it was really easy!

Use a a nice, sharp and pointy pair of scissors like Cutter Bee to cut around the puppy's paws. Lift the paws up without creasing them.

Form the holly leaves to follow the shape of the branch in the picture. (The branch is upside down in the picture, it may have been after 5 o'clock when I was working on it...)

Glue the holly leaf branch up under the puppy's paws, then add Red Holly Berry Stems along the length of it.

That's all there is to it!

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NOTE: Do not glue the box lid on until AFTER you've papered or painted the inside of the box. Yeah - it was on of those kind of days!

Oh Deerie! Mini Shadowbox

This Mini Shadowbox is even smaller than the first one, measuring at 2.5"x 4" and uses the Oval Mini Shadowbox Lid.

When decorating for Christmas my favorite theme is Mid-Century. My tree and house is decorated with vintage pixies, elves, deers, demented flocked Santas, repro Shiny Brite ornaments and the wonky little wood ornaments that were made in Japan. The image of the cute deer that I used is also from the Holiday Animals Collage Sheet.

The only technique I really used on this piece was to dry brush white paint over the Tiny Green Leaf Garland. It was just too bright, so I toned it down with the white paint, then put white glue here and there after the paint dried. Once the glue was on the leaves, I sprinkled Twinklets Diamond Dust over everything. Now it seems a bit more of a wintery-type scene, don't you think?

Originally there was going to be a red bow on the outside of  the box but once the cover was on, you couldn't see all of the greenery and pine cone on the inside.  I just repeated the process with another length of the Tiny Green Leaf Garland, glued it on the front and added a Miniature Pinecone Pick to finish it off.

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