Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Happy Halloween!

Tombstones, spider webs, pumpkins, bats, creepy trees, witches and black cats. Yaaaayyyyyyyy it's Halloween time! (Or every day at my house because every day is Halloween here.)

I was beyond delighted to get the Alpha Stamps Happy Halloween Kit and a trio of large chipboard tombstones to play with. 

Check out the bright colors popping off  the new collage sheets and also the scrapbook paper. Loooove it! 

While black is my happy color, sometimes it's nice not to just use plain black or traditional, toned down colors for Halloween. 

What do you think of the Tiny Little House #2 on the center tombstone? I think it's sort of like a scene within a scene, and the eyeball cabochon fits perfectly! You just know that the little witch in the house is singing "Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!" Amiright?? The cackling pumpkins and mischievous cat crack me up every time I look at the background paper. (Yes, as a matter of fact I am easily amused these days.)

Originally I was going to connect each tombstone to the other with black seam binding, but then ended up gluing parts of the branches of the large tree to attach one to the other. Lesson learned: don't hole punch your project unless you're absolutely sure it needs to be. Also learned to pay attention to how fast the flow of my new glue gun is compared to the old decrepit one. Amazing how much damage a very small blob of hot glue can do to your skin!

The fences were painted black, then I used Finetec  watercolors in gold, copper and a patina shade) to make them look old and rusty. 

The small creepy tree was also painted black and again I used an assortment of Finetec watercolors to liven up the dead tree. For the large background tree all I did was dry brush it haphazardly with the black paint. Hot-glued ceramic bat beads to the tree and tah-dah! Creepy trees were finished. There's a lot going on with the smaller creepy tree, (actually with the entire project but let's pretend it's just this one side) and if you look carefully you'll see a tiny little ceramic owl bead on the branch!

These guys are getting ready to pahhrrtay! I'm sure that uncle Igor in the bottom left window is whipping up something delicious (and probably poisonous) to drink, and check out the welcoming committee at the front door. They're calling out..."Yooooo hoooo! C'mon in y'all! The poison uh, we mean punch is really good tonight. Really it is!) 

I didn't worry too much about any mistakes that may have been made on the bottom of each tombstone, the sheet moss covered everything up pretty good and made one scene flow into another.

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