Saturday, November 23, 2019

Home for The Holidays Banner

Home For The Holidays Banner

Are you in the Xmas spirit yet?

 Xmas, Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, Islam, etc, or dancing naked under the full moon - are you feelin it yet? Kind of hard not to when Wally World is bringing out the holiday decorations before Halloween was even over. Not to mention those who put their Xmas decorations up earlier and earlier...what is wrong with people?

Marilyn Manson imitating me from a couple of weeks ago...

Anyways I am finally in the mood for Xmas! Yay! I LOVE Mid-Century Christmas decorations, especially Santa, those demented knee hugger elves and also the little pixies, tiny wooden ornaments, the flocked deers, and of course Shiney Brite. The November Kit from Alpha Stamps which came with super cute retro collage sheets was right up my alley. Once again I felt like making a banner since I can't seem to find the one I made a couple of years ago.

This banner has just 3 pennants, and the middle one I decided to make 3D with the cute little Christmas Baking Treat Box that comes in the November Kit. The kit name got me thinking about making treats, being at home when it's cold outside, cookies baking, candies all around and everything else that's good to eat (that blows your arse up by 12" just by looking at it) is how I came up with the "Home for The Holidays" theme.

How cute are those teenie-weenie cookie cutters? I ended up
having to fill them in with Christmas Red Stickles since they just faded into the background when I tried to photograph the banner. If I had the chance to redo this banner, (I won't ... but if I did) I would use a different paper for the house because of how hard it was to photograph. I think a predominately red background might have been a better choice. However! It is really cute up close and personal. Did I mention that I really love Mid-Century snowmen too? 

Don't look too closely at the banner or you'll see the wonkiness that abounds with this project!

If you look at the bottom right corner of this photo on the left, you can see that the "log" in front of the house is really a cake!

Tinsel dresses up anything and makes it look just that much better and finished. I lined the roof of the house with it and when I couldn't find the red seam binding (that I know is here somewhere...) to hang the banner with, the tinsel worked pretty well for that. 

The miniature cakes, trees, and Santa cabs were just the right size to dress the banner up a bit more. 

Most everything that I used this time came from Alpha Stamps, and you can find my supply list here.


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