Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Spring Tea!

Shopping amongst the lunatics at the grocery store, reading crazy Coronavirus conspiracy theories on FB, and all of the madness that's come with the pandemic left me - 

Needing to jump into my own reality, in my pigpen garage studio and get creating!
 And so I did.

With the Spring Equinox fast approaching,  I felt like making something to celebrate that instead of obsessing on and overthinking the Coronavirus. (BTW have you washed your hands today?!)
The current offering from Alpha Stamps is Mr. Bunny's Egg House Kit. It is sooooo cute! Retro bunnies, chicks abound and it just so happened that I had the mini Cinderella Coach sitting around. Already put together just begging to be finished.

 I had to build the "table" inside of the coach and it was easy peasy. Using chipboard, I cut out 2 rectangle shaped pieces like so:

Sorry, don't have the exact measurements, you just kind of eyeball it and go from there. (AFTER you wash your hands!) Once they were the right size I covered one side of each rectangle with paper from the Cottontail 6x6 Paper Pad.

Initially I had created a seat on each side of the carriage, but when I decided to put in my teenie weenie sized doll I had to pull out one of the benches.

Don't try to make it perfect, unless you want to try and make yourself go insane.

See? She really is a teenie weenie vintage porcelain doll.

Benches: Glue the thinner cardboard down first, I suggest using a thick white glue that has a fast grab. You could, of course use hot glue, which I tried at first. I'm only have 9 fingerprints now thanks to that! Once that is glued in, then glue the larger piece on top of that.

I wanted a shabby carriage, so if I bumped up the paint a bit or if the chipboard got a bit wavy from being painted, I didn't worry about it. 

If you find that the door doesn't fit the way it did before you painted it (and somehow grew in length...?!) just trim the extra length off of the top of door.

The large brass flower on the carriage door is a misfit vintage earring. The screw-back made a perfect hanger.

Gold leafing applied here and there alludes to a once grande carriage. 

Thank you for checking out the Spring Tea Carriage! Please be well and follow the Coronavirus CDC Guidelines .
Now go wash your hands ;)


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