Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Mad Tea Party Theatre

I love tea, and it's always tea time around here when of course, I am not drinking coffee.

When the February My Retro Valentine Kit - February 2020 arrived from Alpha Stamps, cute as the retro-themed collage sheets were I just couldn't get past seeing tea themes. (Which of course led straight to Alice because...tea!)

Since it is a Mad Tea Party theme, in my reality nothing really has to make much sense. (Not that it does most days anyways...)  As long as I liked it well then it's perfect!

I had remembered that awhile a go, I had started working on a Punch & Judy Theatre that had an Arch Top Theatre Facade on top of it, so I dug it out. Thankfully the palette I used worked out pretty well with the Retro Valentine Kit. 

Didn't care for the paper on the floor of theatre, so I tore some "flooring" from the China Cabinet House Accessories Collage Sheet and the China Cabinet House Wallpapers Collage Sheet. Inked the edges and glued them down, but leaving the middle of the existing paper to show.

The "tablecloth" is 3 halfs of 2 tiny pink doilies, then one of the White Tiny Lace Borders used as "lace" on top of the doilies.

The hardest thing about the entire project was stacking the cakes and getting them to teeter the right way. Didn't use hot glue since I wasn't sure how each piece would be placed, but used a thick white glue. That way it held just a bit but allowed me to move the cakes around to where I wanted them.

That's about it! 

You can find the entire supply list here.

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