Saturday, September 19, 2020

Little Heart Shrine

 Little Heart Shrine (or Mary thinks WTF)

This literally was a quick, last-minute project that I did the other night so I did not take any technique photos. I had been trying to organize my studio and found another Little Niche Heart Shrine. Sitting on my work table was the Celestial Spheres and Shrine Icons Collage Sheets and I thought "ooooh how perfect!"

Mother Mary in front of her heavens, looking down at the Earth thinking, "C'mon people...W.T.F.?" 

So I sat down and went to work. Obviously making art trumps (euw that pun was not intended) organizing and cleaning, amiright?! This is why I can never get my space organized. I find something I've either forgotten about or have been looking for to finish up a project with, find it, drop everything and start messing with whatever I've excavated. 

Organizing is out the door, I end up creating more mess and it looks like a family of hoarders lives in my studio space! You see how my mind is a steel trap?

As far as techniques go if you can cut, paint, and glue - then you can make this!

Quick notes on what I did:

Painted outside of shrine a dark charcoal.  Then decided eh. I want the outside blue but oooh what if it was gray and the blue showed through? Out came the blue paint over the to cover up the charcoal. Applied Crackle, impatiently waited for it to get tacky, decided to speed up drying with the glue gun. After it was tacky enough I used my most favorite Golden Paint Micaceous Iron Oxide. Well that didn't work out to well, so I ended up adding another coat of Crackle. Applied a pale blue over the crackled Micaceous Iron Oxide and it obeyed my wishes.

Glued in the background image into the niche, covered the entire image in Diamond Glaze. Waited 10-15 minutes for the bubbles to appear, popped them and then let it dry overnight on a flat surface. Once it was dry, I attached the rhinestone chain around the niche opening.

The Featherly Flourishes were painted dark charcoal and crackled with a plain white paint. Copper leafing applied here and there on the flourishes once they were dry, then I just glued them down with the glue gun.

The image of Mary is glued down behind the rhinestone chain, at the very edge of the niche opening.

The Stars:  I cut each link off the rhinestone chain, pick up with a tweezer, attach a tiny bit of hot glue to the bottom and glued them randomly on inside of niche.

Tiny Paper Roses with a couple of Calla Lilies and that's it,  you're all done!

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