Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Flying the Coop Part 1

Alpha Stamps has a really cute Mushroom House Kit that I used to make this little tchotski from. I think it would look really cute in between a row of books, don't you? 

"Flying the Coop" came through working the piece, perhaps even a Fraudian slip. (My oldest moved out on her own and my middle child is off to college at UAB.) One more left to go!  OK we all know I have to take to my bed each time one abandons leaves me!

Mr. Alfie Ferret-Bueller: 
 Head Attention Seeker at Mockingbird Manor
I want to focus on how I made the house 3-D, since the kit comes with 2 separate mushroom shapes. Before I start, I am thinking I MUST have mentioned this in some of my past blog posts, but here it is anyways.

Never ever throw away the chipboard that backs the papers ordered from Alpha Stamps, it is great to have on hand for miniature and mixed media work.

To start: first assemble the niche and glue to mushroom. Using a piece of chipboard (hopefully from your Alpha Stamps
package!) eyeball the width you'll want your house and cut long strips. For this house the niche added a big enough gap to allow the house to stand on its own.

Yes, yes I know, actual measurements would be nice but I am the absolute worse at measurements. My measurement faux pas are quite legendary at Alpha Stamps (me, bowing this way and that way, waving to Leslie).

Apply glue to the edges to both mushroom top shapes. Using a strip of chipboard glue it to the top part to where it meets the stem.

Hot glue vs. Aileens: Wasn't going to burn my fingerprints off trying

to adjust with the hot glue, so Aileens it was. Yes it was a pain in the butt, but alas! I wanted to keep my fingerprints.

Do the same with the lower half on each side, and a piece on the bottom, let dry.

Once dry cover the mushroom house with paper, paint it, or however

you'd like to cover it. Note: If you are going to keep the door that is semi attached to the mushroom front, hinge tape works great to keep it attached to the mushroom base.

Part 2 on Sunday 9/13 - How to get the stone effect on the shroom abode!

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